Oh no I didn’t know that..

It was interesting that at multiple times today different people in the office I was working in came in and said “So today’s your last day eh?” to which I sort of looked at them and went “..oh, I guess, I wouldn’t know.” Because no one had told me it was, not that it came as a great big surprise mind you. After-all they did hire a new girl who’s title was “HR assistant” but really she was going to work the reception desk until they moved into a new office.

So I rolled with the punches and laughed. Then it dawned on me that I feel kind of nice knowing that even though I had only been there for two weeks the people actually thought enough of me to wish me luck. Which I thought was nice, then I realized that not only had the HR people not told me I wasn’t working tomorrow, neither did the temp company, at least no one did until I went into their office as I was leaving and asked if I was needed tomorrow. She said no and then asked had the temp company not called me already?

Of course they hadn’t, but like I said, I had sort of figured I wasn’t coming back which was fine by me cause I was tired of answering phones all the time and doing absolutely nothing. Tomorrow is going to be spent washing my car and getting in touch with a decent job lead about a phone interview. Hopefully it goes good.

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