Banky Edwards: I got a weird thing for girls who say, "Aboot."

Oh well.

It was weird tonight, catching the last hour or so of Love & Sex. Mostly because I could tell from the portion I saw that it dealt with one of those relationships where the people fall in love, then fall out of love and breakup. Only for the guy to start dating as soon as they’re done and then as soon as the ex-gf starts to date he becomes neurotic and relizes he loves her. I’m going to ruin the movie, but whatever it’s not as if anyone here has seen it, or ever would, but of course at the end of it they both end up together.

Watching that makes you pine for some relationship of that sort, or at least makes me pine for it. Mostly because I miss the fact that when you’re in a realtionship of any seriousness you know that you always have someone who you can get ahold of to share whatever interested you that day. Sure it might only be the fact you heard a song on the TV that you know you’ve heard before, but it’s something you can share nonetheless.

And I guess that’s what I miss the most about being in a realtionship, sharing things. In the case of Sara and I, I mostly shared my love for soccer and I like to think that I kind of broke down her wall of hatred for it. But I miss shit like that, because while sex is good sharing something you’re passionate about is different on another level.

I have no idea if I’m even making sense, but I have a feeling this entry is turning into your typical liverjournal emo-bullshit-fest, which I hate.

Oh well.

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