Too close for comfort

Recently my Xbox 360 bit the dust. Jamie’s going out of town this weekend so I figure I can at least play some PS3 games, and maybe watch a movie or two.

That almost didn’t happen as I turned on my TV last night only to get a nice picture, but no sound. Tried switching inputs, still no dice. Turn it off, then on repeatedly and still nothing. Looked online and tried their suggestion if you don’t hear sound. Unplug the unit from the AC plug for a few minutes then plug it back in. Still nothing.

Finally I decided maybe it’s time to get some support. I bought an extended warranty for the thing since it was a refurb just in case it broke. Though I wasn’t sure if it was really needed but went looking all around the house for my receipt since the warranty stuff said proof of purchase might be required.

That took a good 15 minutes and was fruitless. Great I’m thinking, not only did my 360 break, but now my TV did, I don’t have a way to get it repaired, and to top it all off Jamie’s going out of town so I really won’t have anything to do.

I decided to bite the bullet and called the Vizio tech support, registered my unit and the woman suggested I do the factory-reset option in the menu. I figure there’s no way it’ll work but whatever I’ll humor her.

Sure enough as soon as I did that everything went back to normal. I’ve no fucking clue why the speakers stopped working, but whatever I can at least continue watching TV and playing videogames while Jamie is out of town.

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