Things Change

Yay I’m unemployed! As of yesterday evening I no longer work for Alienware. I handed in my resignation 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier.

If you’re quick you’ll realize the only reason I’m happy about quitting my job is because I got a new better one. You would be correct! I’m going to start working on Monday morning for Sapient in their Miami office as a senior front-end developer. It should be a lot more interesting than the AW job.

It still hasn’t really hit me yet, and I guess it won’t until maybe Monday afternoon when I would normally get up from my desk and go pester my friend Eddy or when, instead of going to our photography studio for lunch to play some Guitar Hero, I’ll instead have to go to a normal restaurant or the cafeteria in order to eat my food.

So yeah major changes have happened and hopefully they’ll be for the better.

Now to go looking at updating this thing to 2.3 since apparently it’s not as painless as before.

edit: Holy hell the 2.3 update fixed my issue I had with permalinks. Somehow at some point during an upgrade the permalink url’s broke for any of my static pages. Which was a fucking pain in the ass considering that’s how most people found the Girls-Suck theme. Now they’re working and all is well!

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