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Peacocks are weird

I feel it’s my duty to inform people about the happenings of peacocks. Why?

Because not everyone can come into their workplace and see a whole flock of peacocks outside their office. Can you?

Didn’t think so, but I can. And let me tell you they’re not the brightest of animals. They seem to love walking up the out-ramp of a 2nd story parking garage instead of going towards a lake for a drink. I feel sort of sorry for the one peacock who was smart enough to not go up the ramp. I bet he wondered where his buddies ran way to.

Peacocks also make some of the weirdest sounding calls you can imagine. Try to picture a child’s cry slightly distorted and it’s a bit closer to how they sound.

That all aside they are fucking pretty.

And I’m going to miss them when I stop working here at Sapient. Yeah I did just sneak that into this post about me getting a new job. I put in my two weeks yesterday and in 2 weeks I’ll be starting for a small start-up based out of Vancouver. No that doesn’t mean I’m going to be staying down here forever. It simply means if all goes well then in a few months Jamie and I will head up there and see if what everyone says about Vancouver is true.

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  • amanda says:

    holy cow, does this mean that you might possibly be moving to canada? because vancouver is a beautiful city and even though i live on the opposite coast, you’d be able to experience the same country at least!

  • Carrie says:

    All I have to say is, “ha, ha, no more crazy tans at Christmas time, making us all feel bad that we live in Ohio… :D”

  • JBJ says:

    Scudly –

    Congrats on the possible Vancouver move. Come visit Portland Oregon!

    Any plans on making girls-suck 2.5-compatible?

    Take care,


  • scud says:

    Yeah I’m going to try to get it converted sometime this week, probably by Friday at least. There’ll obviously be a post as soon as I get it updated.

  • randy says:

    Does that mean you will be coming to Pittsburgh to visit? We can go hang out with ijustine! HaHa congorats!

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