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GS-Theme updated…again

Well this time it’s updated to the very latest WordPress version. So if you upgraded your blog to WP 2.5, and really you should’ve already, then head over to the Girls-Suck Theme page and download v5.3 of the theme. It’ll give you the new gravatar style comment images, tag-cloud on the sidebar and some other fixes I found.

As usual if you find something wrong with it, or find that it’s awesome, say so here. Especially if something’s broken because I checked it on my install here, but mine isn’t necessarily the same as yours. So if you see anything odd at all, let me know, otherwise I’ll never be able to fix it.

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  • rosko says:

    You make best of the best blog theme!
    When I left click one time with mouse of blue fon in left of blog, I score everything text in blog.
    Can you repair it?
    Or I correct it ?

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