Buckets of info

I should’ve probably updated this weeks ago when it first happened, but then I got busy and forgot to update. My bad.

I quit my job at Alienware about a month and a half ago now and as of Oct 1st I’ve been working at Sapient for their interactive agency branch doing front-end developement.

It was most definitely shocking to go from the corporate environment at Alienware to the one at Sapient. Instead of being so stuffy it really is a lot more open and friendly. I know last year when Halloween rolled around at Alienware maybe 10-15 people dressed up. I think about 3/4ths of the entire people in our office dressed up. And a lot of the costumes were actually pretty fucking good.

So obviously things are good there, I’m excited about my upcoming trip to London. We leave the day after Thanksgiving and are over there for a full week. It’ll be odd because I’m not used to having that much time to spend exploring. Normally it’s get in, see two games, get drunk a lot and fly home. Now it’ll be get in, see a game and get drunk, then go around London, visit Wales, go back to London and keep sight-seeing. But I won’t be lonely at all because Jamie is coming with me and it should be awesome. I’m excited because it’s her first time going out of the country and if there’s one place I love going it’s London.

Sure the shit dollar will kill my spending money, but it’s worth it I think.

And I managed to order a new computer and my last part comes in tomorrow. It’ll be nice being able to finally upgrade from my piece of shit Area-51 that still has AGP graphics.

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