London 07 – part 1

Sometimes I think I only update when something major’s happened. Or I take a trip to London.

In this case it’s because I’m taking a trip to London, only this time I’m a] not going alone and b] not going for only 3 days. Jamie and I are headed to London for an entire week to see an Arsenal game, tour Wales, get wasted in foreign lands, and also see some of her father’s work associates.

Needless to say I’m so fucking excited it’s scary. Mostly because it’ll be my first trip to the new stadium and I think it’ll be good to show Jamie just why I’m so fucking passionate about a team that’s so far away from me.

Because I actually have a non-shit job we rented a flat in London for the week and I may actually be able to update mid-week without having to pay through the nose for some shit Orange Internet cafe.

Now it just needs to be 8pm so we can already be in NY and getting on the plane bound for London.

Though Jamie just reminded me that she’d rather it be 8am so we’re already in London, which as usual is correct.

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