A wedding and videogames

I always love how I never seem to write in here about any day-to-day type things and instead simply summarize things that have happened recently.

Well this is another one of those, except this one has even bigger and better news than usual. In the past two months a few major things have happened.

  • I proposed to Jamie in July
  • We’ve since figured out a date and venue
  • I just recently [as of yesterday] accepted a new job to work in Orlando for EA Sports on the Tiger Woods series of games

As you can figure from those almost all of them are big huge momentous things. Most notably the marriage thing. I’ve known for a while that Jamie was the one for me, and knew I wanted to propose to her in a neat and special way. That way was during my family reunion in Pittsburgh and thankfully she said yes.

From then we started to look at venues in the Pittsburgh area since it’s really important for my Grandma and Aunt’s to be at the wedding and they’re on the older side so they can’t travel too far. About a week ago now we took a mini-trip up to Pittsburgh to try to find one after narrowing it down between a few online. Imagine our surprise when after going up there we end up picking a venue that we had initially written off because their website was so terrible. So let this be a lesson to people with businesses out there, make sure your website isn’t terrible so you put your best foot forward for people!

We had just gotten that settled when I was informed last week that after going through a few rounds of interviews at Electronic Arts in Orlando that they did indeed want to bring me on board the Tiger Woods team as a UI developer/designer. So it seemed as if last week everything was turning up aces because I couldn’t believe, and still almost can’t, that I get to actually help make videogames. Sure it’ll be hard, and the hours can be long at times, but it’s something I’ve always said I wanted to do and never really thought I could.

Hell it was only 5 years ago I was waiting tables endlessly and somehow I went from that, to making videogames. Pure. Fucking. Insanity.

So now we’re in the process of getting a move up to Orlando sorted out and are heading up there this weekend to stay with a friend of ours and look at potential apartments. It sure as hell is exciting times over here.

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