Apartments and moving

This past weekend was an eventful one. Jamie and I drove up to Orlando early on Friday in the hopes of visiting a few apartments we had already done an inital look at online. Most of them were near the EA studio, and one or two were a bit farther away but looked really nice. We figured we’d look at them all day Friday and decide on one by Saturday, Sunday at the latest.

All of that went out the window when we saw our initial complex, while they didn’t have the 3/2 layout open for viewing [the previous tenants had literally just left the day before and there were workmen cleaning/touching up the place] she did show us to a 2/2. We did a walk through and then went back into the leasing office to talk about specifics of if/when a 3/2 would open up.

I was due to start work on the 27th and ideally wanted to move into our apartment during the week of the 20th so that come the 27th we’d be completely settled into the apartment. Some of that went out the window when the women in the leasing office told us that there was one 3/2 opening on the 19th of the month and it was within our price range. This seems good, however the downside to this was that we had to take the keys from her on the 19th, which means we’d be moving this weekend which was a bit sooner than expected.

We figured we’d look it over until we went to the complex literally next door since a friend of mine who lives in Orlando had recommended it to me saying that a lot of his friends lived there and really liked it. Well we looked at a few of their 3/2’s and really, they weren’t that good. Sure they had some nicer amenities but the actual units themselves weren’t near as nice as the ones we initially looked at.

After realizing that we quickly went back to the initial complex and told them that we’d take the 3/2 that was opening on the 19th. So now we’re in get-shit-packed mode and trying to pack as much as we can now since Jamie is busy working most of the week. We’ve managed to get a lot done today and I figure as the week goes along I’ll pack up more and more of the electronics stuff since right now that’s most of what’s left unpacked.

If anyone has extra boxes and packing materials, feel free to send ’em my way!

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