Married Life

Well it’s been almost a year since I wrote, of course a lot of things happen in that time. Most of them super major huge life-changing kind of things.

Like getting married!

Finally after a little over a year of being engaged Jamie and I got married on September 19th at an amazing ceremony in Butler, PA with both of our families and a bunch of our friends. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the whole thing was.

Some highlights of the event that I remember, and am pretty sure I’ll always remember.

  • Jamie walking down the isle to a guitar and flute rendition of Portal’s “Still Alive”. It was a complete surprise and I remember thinking it was both the funniest and most awesome thing for her to come down the isle to. She loved the song in the game when I happened to play it with her around, and then loved singing it in Rock Band.
  • The reception party. My sister and a lot of my family and groomsmen helped her to put together an amazing setting. My mom has since asked me if we would’ve changed anything, and honestly we wouldn’t. The decorations were beautiful, totally our style and everything just looked great.
  • Jamie getting a keg of Magners for me. She knows how much I love drinking Magners wherever we are and it was an awesome surprise to come down to the meet and greet before the wedding to find a keg of Magners all for me [and eventually others]. I drank as much as I could of it that night, but in the end we wasted some of it because we just ran out of time to finish it. Nonetheless it was a great surprise and a lot of other people ended up enjoying it quite a lot too.
  • Jamie’s dress. My mom asked me what I thought of it and I replied “Boobs”. It sums it up best I think, but really she looked gorgeous and every time I kept looking at her that night I had to smile and remember that she was mine for the rest of our lives. Damn I’m lucky.
  • A movie like sing-a-long to “That’s Amore” by everyone, and I mean everyone at the reception broke into song. It was awesome.
  • Our vows. We both wrote our own, and mine weren’t really done until about a few hours before the wedding, but in the end both it, and Jamie’s were perfect.
  • Seeing Auntie get drunk and enjoy the party. Auntie is awesome, easily my 2nd grandmother but she always hates having her picture taken. I could tell this was a great event when she told me that I could get as many pictures with her as I wanted. You bet your ass I got a ton of them with her.
  • Photobooth pictures. We rented a photobooth because it was something Jamie really wanted, and for the longest time I wasn’t sure about it. Thankfully as usual Jamie was dead on and looking at the pictures and the comments people wrote in our guestbook on the flight home was awesome.

That’s about the majority of them that I remember, but really Best. Wedding. Ever. It was so awesome we’ve both said repeatedly since then that we wish we could do it all over again and have that much fun again. I told her in 50 years we’ll do it again and party it up 70’s style!

Now we’re planning for our honeymoon in New Zealand which is going to be amazing, once I get done planning it.

Oh and if you so care you can head to our wedding website and view the whole ceremony here.

Of course before that happened EA released Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 that I worked on and it got a lot of great reviews, the online portion I worked on got a lot of praise as well and we got a ton of people playing it still. So that was a great success as well. Overall work has been amazing and everytime I go into work I’m still amazed that one of my dream jobs actually came true.

Another amazing thing that happened, because of Jamie’s connections. I got to spend Tuesday of last week drinking from the Stanley cup! It got mentioned briefly during out wedding that they were going to have the cup for a day and it was a shame I couldn’t make it. Turns out I could because I was already coming back to VA for my 10 year HS reunion on Saturday, so I took a few more days off and drove up to Pittsburgh and on Tuesday hung out with it for most of the afternoon. It was amazing and everything I hoped it would’ve been.

So that’s been most of this year and next is already shaping up to be pretty awesome as well. Sure I’m not getting married again, but I have to say that I’m loving life right now. Can’t believe I married the woman of my dreams and have the job of my dreams. I’m lucky and boy do I know it.

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